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The quest for truth: From UFO Cult The Raelian Movement to Christ!!! The Eddie Bennett Story!!!




I was Born in 1968 and raised in a small town called Dorking in Surrey just outside London. I had a happy childhood for most of the time. When I was 16 we moved to Tenerife in the Canary Islands for a while as a family, and we returned to England in 1986 moving to Battersea in South London.

1988- The Next Generation??

In 1988 at the age of 19, I saw a programme on television about a UFO cult called the Raelian Movement, I found it very interesting, as I was always interested in science fiction growing up including TV shows and films like Star Wars, Star Trek and Close Encounters of the Third Kind etc. I was also interested in a monthly magazine called Mysteries of the Unexplained, which included subjects on UFO's, Pyramids and the Paranormal etc. I heard about a meeting in London this UFO cult was putting on and I was very keen to go along and find out more, I was completely fascinated. I went to their meeting and invited my Dad along who had also shown an interest. They had a new insight into the Bible. They said there was no God, but that instead of God, we were created using DNA by an advanced alien race of people from another planet, and they used certain scriptures in the Bible to explain their beliefs. Stating that the word for God was Elohim and was plural and that it actually meant “Those who came from the sky”. They also had a slide show with commentary to explain their beliefs, and that the garden of Eden was in fact a laboratory where they experimented with the creation of life using DNA, and they had discovered that they were part of a universal eternal cycle, part of infinity, where they had come to this planet to create life and that we would do the same one day, evolve as mankind and develop space travel and create life with DNA. My Dad and I were taken in by the deception and convinced it was true, we purchased some of their books including a message given to Rael (the Cult leader) by these extra-terrestrials. We got home and read these books over the next few days and we believed them to be true. I even had a UFO sighting, one night I looked out of the window up into space and saw a flying saucer type object flying over the roof tops with flashing lights, that seemed straight out of a Steven Spielberg movie. Most people in our family thought we were mad and laughed at us for believing in little green men from another planet.

1989- The X-Files??

We found it very convincing and got deeply involved in the cult and started going to their monthly meetings in London and introduced to meditation techniques to awaken our minds to these extra-terrestrials and eternity and infinity. I also went on some weekend courses. We were also initiaized into the cult as members, which was a type of Baptism, and called the transmission of the celluar code, whereby your celluar code is transmitted to an alien spacecraft where you will be recognised by these aliens known as the Elohim and one day be recreated from your DNA onto the Planet of Eternals. I also went to their Course of Awakening, and Course for Guides for 2 weeks at a camp in France. We done deep hypnotic meditation techniques and astral projection, floating outside our body and into space to visit these aliens in a hypnotic trance, to awaken our minds to alien contact. At the camp the Raelians believed in nudity as natural and many walked around naked. They also believed in sexual freedom and in having multiple partners and group sex. Also part of their belief on the planet of eternals, was having sex with biological robots which you could design to your own tastes. I did not get involved in the sexual activity that went on at the camp as it did not seem natural to me. Also to become a member of the cult I had to sign a contract and renounce any belief in God and in Jesus Christ and publicly in front of other UFO cult members walk over a large crucifix to renounce Christianity. I then joined the leadership team in the UK and became a guide. A guide was someone who would be actively involved in the Raelian Movement and spread the message to mankind. After one year of being in the cult I had an experience of feeling high and on top of the world and it felt like a had reached a higher spiritual level of consciousness and my senses seem to improve, including touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight and felt one with the universe and the World around me and also an enhnaced brain mentaly after listening to their meditation tapes and going to their meetings and doing deep hypnotic meditation techniques. But then one day my mind was losing coordination and my mind started declining and my mind started to snap...

1990- One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest??

I rang the cult leader in this country for help and his voice changed and became very evil and said "you know what's going to happen to you Eddie?" it felt like a threat. I hung up the phone and started becoming paranoid and started having a mental breakdown and I was losing my mental capacities and I seemed to enter an evil demonic realm, and started having very evil paranoid delusions and tormenting thoughts.

My parents called the Doctor and after seeing a specialist I was admitted to a psychiatric hospital where I had an hallucination of some of those in the UFO cult sitting in a circle seeming to be meditating then they disapeared. I was very paranoid and was very confused. After a while as I sat in the hospital I was looking for answers when suddenly a story from a picture Bible I had read when I was a child came back to me about Jesus being tempted in the desert by the devil, plus also someone had shared with me the gospel a few months back when I was in the cult and told me that Jesus loves me "For God So Loved The World That He Gave His Only Begotten Son, That Whoever Believes In Him Should Not Perish But Have Everlasting Life." John 3:16, and that He died for my sins at the cross "But God Demonstrates His Own Love Toward Us, In That While We Were Still Sinners, Christ Died For Us." Romans 5:8, at the time I was so wrapped up in the UFO cult I laughed at him. But now it all became to make sense. I realized this cult had to be the work of a destructive entity, the devil, satan, lucifer, and I began to realize that aliens and UFO's were part of a big demonic deception to keep you from God and to deceive you, and that these alien contacts I had read about had to be demonic entities in disguise deceiving people and mankind, and that UFO's were not alien spacecraft but inter-dimensional demonic technology and deception. As I learned more about the Christian faith I realised more and more that this UFO cult was a grand deception from the truth's found in the Bible, a deception on creation, a deception on Jesus and who He was, and a deception on the only way to Salvation and into Heaven through the cross. Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6. After what I had been through I realised satan and His demonic realm were very real and I turned to the Saviour Jesus more and more and clinged to the cross of Christ and found a strong faith and belief in Almighty God. I eventually got on my knees and prayed by my bedside and called upon the name of Jesus and asked for His deliverance, forgiveness and salvation. "That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved." Romans 10:9. I felt a new strength and a new hope and knew God was in control and I had a new found faith. I was not instantly healed straight away, but my new faith made me persevere through the spiritual battles that would continue and the demons continued to pursue. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia which seemed to of been triggered by the belief in the UFO cult, and the deep hypnotic meditation techniques and astral projection but my mind also seemed to of been opened up to the occult and a demonic realm. I realised how dangerous this cult was, as at first I just thought my belief was just harmless fun believing in aliens and UFO's. I went on for a few months having paranoid thoughts and tormenting thoughts as well, my life was a living hell. One day I saw a message on the notice board about a Christian meeting in the hospital, but I was not allowed to leave the ward, but on the day and at the exact time of the meeting the back door opened when I tried it, which was always locked before and I was able to find the Christian meeting. My faith was increased when the door opened and I knew God was in control and that God was bigger than the devil. It was a relief to get away from the stress of the ward and find a new life, new strength and new hope after my first contact with Christians after finding my faith in Christ. I also found a Christian Chapel in the hospital and felt peace and comfort there, and gave my heart and life to God in prayer on my knees and seeked His healing and deliverance. My daily routine was thinking of ways to get out of the hospital to escape and some days to visit the chapel for prayer where I felt peace and the presence of God. I managed to escape from the mental hospital and get away a few times but the Police brought me back as I was sectioned under The Mental Heath Act so I was not supposed to leave the ward. One day I was looking for ways to visit the chapel for prayer and talk to God. I used to wait near the front door and sneak out when no one was looking. I was just about to sneak out to the chapel when something powerful like a demonic force, forced me against the wall and had me pinned, I wondered what was going on, I tried to force my self free but no joy, I realised this had to be demonic and remembered the Lord's prayer which I had prayed as a child. I started saying the prayer and slowly and eventually the force that had me pinned to the wall started to die down and I managed to release myself from the hold. I got to the chapel and prayed hard that day. This made me realise how evil this cult was and that by believing in aliens and UFO's was an opening to an occultic realm. Eventually I was released from the mental hospital after about 4 weeks as my parents agreed to look after me at home. I returned home but after a while my mind was filled with paranoid and evil thoughts and delusions again, and I felt suicidal, and felt like giving up on life with nothing to live for. I even tried climbing out my bedroom window to jump, but my Dad heard me opening the window and knowing I was in a disturbed state of mind came running upstairs into my room and pulled me back in from the window I was climbing out of and saved my life. He called the Doctor and I was re-admitted for another 4 weeks. Eventually I got out and was discharged and I started visiting churches asking for prayer, healing, deliverance and guidance and found peace. I was not healed straight away in an instance but my healing was slow and gradual as I recovered from this mental breakdown, confusion and paranoid and tormenting thoughts. Many Christians prayed for me including whole churches and minsters, waging spiritual warfare in prayer, praying for healing and deliverance by the blood sacrifice of Jesus and in the name of Jesus. I also eventually managed to get my Dad out of the UFO Cult, by sharing with him the things I had discovered, and he visited a local church and gave His life to God and seeked forgiveness and repentance. After a while I began to get confused with all the different churches. I was given a Bible by one, and given a book of Mormon by another, but could not make any sense of it all. I wondered why there was so many different churches and I decided to throw all the books and information away, including the Bible and stopped visiting churches...

After a while I slowly started to recover from my breakdown and mental illness and tried to get on with my life, I got a new computer and got involved in computer games trying to hide from what had happened to me. I started copying the games and began selling them and I started going down hill as I nearly got involved in stolen goods and stolen cars. When one day I met a Christian on the street inviting me to a Bible study, your probably thinking good news but he was from the London Church of Christ (LCC). He persuaded me to go to a Bible study and I ended up going to the church for several months, when one day I discovered a book in a local library on cults. I started flicking through the pages when suddenly I was amazed I had come across the LCC. I read about the errors in the church and started checking in some of their book's. I wasn't happy with the church and people told me if I left the church I would go to hell as they told me they were the only true and correct church and all the other churches were wrong. I was confused and wandering what to do when someone in the church told me demon's would come upon me. I decided to make a break and leave the church and I had a mild breakdown and relapse. I read the bible at home and began to recover. I felt like a lone Christian, I didn't know where to go as I was told that LCC was the only church and that you had to go to their church to be saved, all the others were incorrect.

1993 – Twelve Monkey's??

After several months I started going to a church called Kensington Temple (KT) as some people I had met recommended it. This is a Pentecostal charismatic church. I was going to the church for a while when one day I started relapsing and having flashback's from my past and I started having another mental breakdown. I decided to go to a prayer meeting at KT seeking prayer and I sensed a presence of evil coming upon me. I returned home and after a while I could not get myself to eat and drink and after several days without food and water, other than a few sips that my Dad had forced me to have, I started losing my mind and having paranoid delusions again and tormenting thoughts. I was admitted back to the mental hospital. The doctor's and nurses could not get me to eat or drink and they were going to put me on drip feed in the morning. My mind kept telling me if I ate I would die. I was very confused. Later that evening someone came on to the ward and got me a drink and put his hand on my shoulder and said “Trust me I'm from heaven”, I felt a peace and comfort, I looked at him and he said it again “Trust me I'm from heaven”. I decided to trust him and I began to drink. He sat by my bedside all night then he left in the morning when I awoke and I never saw him again. He saved my life, maybe an angel sent from the Lord??? After a while I slowly started eating and drinking again and after about 5 weeks I was back at home. After several months recovering at home I went back to KT as I was longing to be part of a fellowship and did not know where else to go and I also went to some meetings they invited me to with Morris Cerullo, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland and Rodney Howard Browne and they also introduced me to the Toronto blessing...

1996 – Tomorrow Never Dies??

One year there were some guy's outside a meeting with some banner's quoting “Beware of False Prophets”. I thought I better check them out, and they told me that not all things that seem right are on the right path and they recommended some books to read on false biblical teaching. I visited a local Christian bookshop and they had one of the books in stock. I read the book and realized I was being deceived yet again by a movement known as the “word of faith” movement and into an unbalanced biblical view of health and wealth also known as the prosperity gospel and a false move of the Holy Spirit called the Toronto Blessing. I decided to leave KT and prayed and asked God “Where do you want me to go now?”. I then found an invitation to a Calvary Chapel in London called Calvary Chapel Westminster (now known as Calvary London) in a bag with the book I had read. I said okay Lord I will go there. I went to the church and they gave me some books including Charisma Vs Charismania by Chuck Smith. These books helped put me on the right track and I was introduced to good Biblical based teaching of the word of God and found true living water and refreshment...”He restores my soul.” Psalm 23:3.

2001 to 2003The Lord led me to York to Calvary Chapel Bible College where I got a degree in Biblical Theology -, and I had a wonderful time spending time with the Lord and in the Word and with fellow Christians and retreats and mission trips.

2003 to 2010 – I Was part of the church at Calvary Chapel York and helped out and served at the Bible College and the Church, including Christian book ministry and Christian Coffee Shop at Walmgate Bar.–

2010 – Moved back to London.....The story continues...

Currently attending church at Reality Church London -

I'm currently working as a brain injury and neurological support worker, looking after people with brain injuries and neurological conditions and other disabilities.

Through my experiences I have grown in my faith with God and walk with Him each day in my heart and soul, and my life has been enriched with the goodness and grace of God and quality of character that only God can shape and build in His molding house, in His furnace for His service.

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...Take heed that no one deceives you. For many will come in My name, saying 'I am the Christ' and will deceive many.” Matthew 24:4-5.

Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrine's of demon's.” 1 Timothy 4:1.

...but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” john 16:33.

...and they overcame him (the devil) by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony...” Revelation 12:11.


  1. Thanks for that testimony. You had to go through lot's of tough times, my friend.

  2. Thanks again Eddie for sharing your story on my radio show. Listeners can hear it on my blog link. God bless you brother! Laura Maxwell.

    1. Your welcome Laura, it was a blessing to be on your show!

  3. Hi Eddie, you've certainly been through it, but glad to hear you are now in a great place with the Lord. Back in 2003 I set up the UK's first website for New Christians. It is newchristiandotorgdotuk